Cart Viper Product Features

The most advanced and feature rich DotNetNuke ecommerce module available!


Categories and Sub-Categories

  • Create and manage an unlimited number of product categories.
  • Create a catalogue hierarchy will an unlimited amount of categories and sub-categories.
  • Unlimited amount of products can be added per category.
  • Paged browsing of categories is supported to optimize the page and improve the shopping experience.
  • A single product can be added to multiple categories.
  • Administrate categories add/edit/delete.
  • SEO optimized product categories page - define the category URL, META description and title tags.
  • Separate catalogue module that can be placed in any content pane.
  • Import categories direct from .CSV file.
  • Optionally allow the category menu to be expanded and collapsed.
  • Allow a category to only be visible to users in a specific DNN role.
  • Category image support.
  • Category description support.
  • Separate page per category.
  • Ability to define the display order of products within each category
  • Categories support Youtube videos.
  • New mega menu style category menu this can be rendered either vertically or horizontally. Optionally we can output the standard DNN menu into the mega menu to create a complete menu solution for your store.
  • Ability to import categories via their own CSV file
  • Canonical URL support.


  • Create an unlimited number of products.
  • Ability to sell events - AJAX events calendar module (please note this is an extra add-on).
  • Event products support "buy now" price, so events can either be rented on a given date or purchased now.
  • Automatic re-sizing of product images (small, medium, large) based on your predefined image size.
  • Upload multiple product images simultaneously when editing a product via advanced jQuery control and have them displayed using AJAX photo gallery slideshow.
  • Allow multiple DNN roles be added to a product, each with their own expiration limits.
  • Add/Edit/Delete product image captions.
  • Filter and search for products.
  • Predictive Search.
  • Fully index your store products via Lucene, allowing weighted searches - providing the most accurate search results of any DNN e-commerce module!
  • Separate product listings and details page allow you to customise the look and feel of the store.
  • Optionally define related products to promote cross selling.
  • Advanced jQuery tabbed UI when viewing product details.
  • Define dimensions and weight of your product.
  • Optionally allow a product to be "free shipping".
  • Optionally limit the QTY of the product a customer can purchase per transaction.
  • Mark product as request for quote - RFQ
  • Stock inventory can choose to allow a user to checkout with a product that has 0 in stock or not.
  • Products can be added to multiple categories.
  • SEO optimized product details page - define the product details URL, META description and title tags.
  • Standard DNN WYSIWYG text editor for product description and summary.
  • Product management add/edit/delete products.
  • Import/update products from .CSV file.
  • Create and manage an unlimited number of tabs to display on the product details page.
  • Optionally display a MSRP next to your discounted price.
  • Facebook "Like" support for each of your products.
  • Email a Friend allows a link to be sent to a friend, link optionally supports URL shortening service.
  • Store an optional SKU for each item within your store, with support for different SKUs for variant products.
  • Store a barcode number for each product.
  • Allow product to only be visible to users in a specific DNN role.
  • Allow customers to zoom in to a product image.
  • Support for the Structured Data Mark to describe product data.
  • Attach an unlimited number of datasheets for a product.
  • Products can define price breaks based on the quantity order
  • Products can be assigned to a supplier
  • Search results are now sorted by relevance by default
  • Youtube videos on product details.
  • Mix and match discounts, buy 6 items from this category and get 10% off the items for example.
  • Define a global quantity limit and quantity purchase pattern for a product to mean that only specified quantities of the product can be purchased.
  • Improved product tab feature including, token support, embed modules, tab header, tab security roles and better sorting.
  • Mark a product as in-store pickup only, means the customer must collect direction from the store.
  • Allow products to be visible only to users with the required role.
  • Support for Google product feed.
  • Ability to include a custom message in order confirmation email if a given product is purchased.
  • Min spend free product - allow admin to define a product that is free when the order subtotal reaches a given amount.
  • Product back order date, allow admin to define this and output on the product details page.
  • Option to upload product images via the standard DNN file picker.
  • Create HTML content that can be outputted in a jQuery accordion at the product level.
  • Allow products to be tagged using standard DNN taxonomy.
  • Download event to iCal file.
  • Canonical URL support.

Product Variants

  • Create an unlimited amount of product variants.
  • Choose the variant option display e.g. dropdown list, checkbox, radio button, textbox, multi line textbox or image uploader.
  • Define how the variant affects price and weight.
  • Define if the variant is mandatory or not.
  • Define if the variant requires user input.
  • Track stock quantities for each product variant, so you know exactly how many of each product variation you have in stock.
  • Each variant product can define a SKU.
  • Variants defined with the dropdown list control can now have some default value, i.e Please select a size
  • Variant Image support, display a different image when the customer selects a variant for a product
  • Support for an unlimited number of options for a variant, user interface just expands as you enter product options.
  • Allow a description to be entered for a variant.
  • Specify if the variant option price attracts tax / VAT.
  • Allow admin to define a regex expression on a variant textbox, allows admin to validate the input on these fields. e.g. to capture an email address etc.

Catalog Localization

  • Ability to enter categories and products in multiple languages.
  • Categories and products will fully localize to the current language that is being viewed by the user.

Product Offers

  • Create and manage product offers.
  • Define start, end date and offer price.
  • Offer is applied and removed from a product without any user interaction.


  • Create an unlimited amount of coupons that can be distributed to create a promotion or give specific users a discount.
  • Define rules for each coupon. e.g. minimum subtotal, can be used multiple times, start date, end date, customer email address, etc.
  • Offer a monetary or percentage discount.
  • User enters coupon at point of checkout optionally verify the coupon has not been used before or that the coupon belongs to the customer attempting to use it.
  • Gift Certificates.
  • Support for creating 100% discount coupons.
  • Allow coupons to be defined for multiple categories.


  • Create store wide promotions, so every product has a specific discount during the given period.
  • Create category wide promotions, so every product in the category has the specific discount during the given period.

Product Discount Bundles

  • Create product discount bundles where a user receives a discount if they purchase 2 or more items at the same time.
  • Create an unlimited amount of product discount bundles.
  • Add an unlimited amount of products to a discount bundle.
  • Promote up-selling and maximise each sale via product discount bundles.

User Specific Pricing

  • Define a product price for a specific user of your DNN site.
  • Define a product price for a specific role of your DNN site.
  • When browsing the store the individual user price is displayed to that user.
  • Create an unlimited amount of user or role prices. 

Digital Downloads

  • Define which products have a digital download.
  • Specify an unlimited number of files to be downloaded by the user once order has been purchased.
  • Once purchased download file is automatically added to customers secure “Digital Download Locker” to allow them be download it at their leisure.
  • User clearly informed how to access their downloads.
  • Automatically assign the next serial number available for the item.
  • Digital downloads now support PDFs as a valid file type.
  • Allow admin to define how long / how many times a user can download a digital download after they have purchased it.
  • Optionally add a shipping charge to digitial downloads.
  • Store Digital Downloads Securely in the Cloud (AWS/Azure)

Product Comparison

  • Allow users to select up to 4 products then compare them side by side!
  • Store admin defines the product details they can compare e.g. weight, size, model number etc.
  • Allow the user to quickly and easily see the advantage of 1 product over another.


  • Allow users to create and manage an unlimited amount of wishlists on your store.
  • Add an unlimited amount of products to a wishlist.
  • Wishlist automatically updated if admin deletes / edit a product in a users wishlist.
  • Anonymous users can create wishlists, then they will automatically be transferred into their user account if they then sign in to your store.
  • Wishlist support variant products (eg. Size, Colour).
  • Customers can make their wishlist public and send friends a link to view the wishlist.

Product Visualizer

  • Allow a user to see a mock up of what their product will look like once they have made their specific choices. e.g. select text or upload an image.

Product Reviews & Ratings

  • Enable / disable product reviews.
  • Product average rating calculated from customer reviews.
  • Product reviews approved by admin before appearing on site.
  • Reviews displayed in sophisticated tabbed UI on product details page.
  • Enable/disable/ delete or edit product reviews.
  • Optionally reject reviews that contain profanity.
  • Allow admin to respond to product reviews and have them outputted under the initial product review.


  • Enable / disable shipping to be calculated on an order.
  • Support an unlimited number of shipping providers so customer can select when they checkout e.g. FedEx, UPS, default, etc
  • Real time shipping calculating via FedEx, FedEx smart postUSPS and UPS.
  • Allow admin to define which of the shipping options from UPS, FedEx, FedEx smart post and USPS to support.
  • Allow admin to add a surcharge to the rates returned by external shipping providers UPS, FedEx, FedEx smart post and USPS.
  • Define a standard shipping rate on all orders.
  • Define an unlimited amount of shipping rates by cart weight, speed of delivery and shipping destination.
  • Define an unlimited amount of shipping rates by cart subtotal, speed of delivery and shipping destination.
  • Define an unlimited amount of standards of shipping for each country e.g. saver, super saver, next day, etc.
  • Define the shipping charge as a percentage of the cart sub-total.
  • If no shipping rates are defined for a users country, customers are prompted to contact the store for a quote.
  • Optionally charge VAT or tax on shipping costs.
  • Optionally define a product as "free shipping" so regardless of the shipping rules in place, this product will not incur a shipping cost.
  • When configuring if an item is free to ship, define how many they need to purchase in order to get free shipping.
  • In store pick up option.
  • Support for calculating the shipping rate based on the customer's DNN role and country.
  • Include a shipping tracking number when you dispatch a customer’s order.
  • Optionally allow customer to select date and time they would like their goods delivered, also you can define dates they cannot select e.g. public holidays etc.
  • Define zipcodes that you do not want to ship to.
  • Item specific shipping and handling surcharge.
  • Create zipcode shipping bands.
  • Product shipping estimate - if product needs to be ordered enter the number of days required to order and if purchased this date will be calculated based on their order date and displayed to the user.
  • Optionally define if a digital download attracts a shipping cost.
  • Calculate shipping by the number of items in the customers cart.
  • Define a ROW shipping band, so if you have not defined a shipping band for a given country we will use the ROW shipping band provided the customer meets the criteria to use it.
  • Australian post shipping provider.

Tax & VAT

  • Based on stores location and the users billing address Cart Viper automatically works out if you need to charge VAT or tax.
  • Define VAT rates for: Zero rated product,Reduced rate products & Standard rate products
  • Assign each product to a VAT rate.
  • If based in USA choose to charge: Standard tax rate, No tax rate, Tax rate to home state only or Create tax tables so each state has individual tax rate.
  • Optionally assign a product as tax free. 
  • Optionally charge VAT or tax on shipping costs.
  • Optionally display the prices in the mini cart or cart with VAT included in the price.
  • Support for defining tax rates by each Canadian Province for stores located in Canada.
  • Define if tax is calculated on billing or shipping address.
  • Allow Zip2Tax to calculate tax.

Payment Methods

  • Let customer pick between online or offline payment methods at the point of checkout.
  • Real time credit card payments (Mastercard, VISA, Solo, Switch, Amex and Discover).
  • Accept offline payment methods (cash on delivery, cheque, purchase orders, etc) with or without Real time payment method as well.
  • Payment points - assign users points and allow users to purchase items based on the points they have in their accounts.
  • Allow users to assemble a cart then request a quote based on the items they have added to the cart.
  • Support for prepaid checkout.
  • Enable Paypal checkout option in addition to accepting credit cards.
  • Cyber Source external tax gateway support, exact tax calculations based on the customer’s address.
  • Allow the store owner to create an order for a customer and email customer a link to then purchase.
  • Optionally define a DNN role user must be in to select offline payment.

Payment Gateways

  • Authorize.Net
  • First Data
  • Multi Safe
  • PayPal Website Payments Standard
  • PayPal Website Payments Pro.
  • Ogone payment gateway.
  • Mollie payment gateway.
  • Buckaroo payment gateway.
  • Paypal Payflow Pro payment gateway.
  • Cyber Source
  • Sage Pay forms payment gateway.
  • Eway payment gateway.
  • WorldPay payment gateway.
  • First Data Connect payment gateway.
  • Virtual Merchant payment gateway.
  • Barclays EPDQ payment gateway.
  • Rabo Kassa Omni payment gateway.
  • Innovative payment gateway.
  • QBMS payment gateway.
  • PayWay payment gateway.
  • Payment express PXPay payment gateway
  • HSBC CPI payment gateway.
  • Stripe payment gateway.
  • Epay payment gateway
  • CardSave payment gateway.
  • Bizgate payment gateway.
  • Elavon hosted payments gateway.
  • USAePay payment gateway.
  • Square connect payment gateway.
  • We can create and integrate just about any gateway, so if you don't see your gateway listed here get in touch for a quote.
  • Optional ability to apply a percentage or fixed amount surcharge to an order placed with Paypal Standard.
  • Recurring billing support when using payment gateway, PayPal pro, Stripe and Barclay's EPDQ manage subscriptions directly from Cart Viper, recieve notifications when card declined.

Cart & Checkout

  • Advanced jQuery add / edit / delete items shopping cart functions.
  • Separate mini-cart control that can be added to any content pane.
  • User friendly wizard style checkout screen.
  • Separate billing and shipping addresses.
  • Logged in customers address is pre-populated to enable faster checkout.
  • International addresses supported.
  • Automatic email generation to admin and user once order has been created.
  • Optionally email user when order status is changed, optionally include message to user.
  • Optionally allow users to checkout anonymously.
  • If user checked out anonymously allow them to create an account based on the details they have entered after checkout has been completed.
  • SSL supported.
  • Optionally collect the a company name and/or a VAT number during the checkout stage.
  • Order Notification Callback URL feature allow you to process orders using your own web service once the order is completed. Free C# client library available for customers.
  • Pre-checkout notification callback method to validate the order before allowing it be placed within the store.
  • Express checkout option if cart only contains digital downloads.
  • Optionally allow the user to enter notes to the store admin relating to the order.
  • Optionally require company name and VAT number.
  • Single page checkout option.
  • Three step checkout option.
  • During the order process the customer's IP is recorded.
  • Optionally attach the order as a PDF to the order confirmation email.
  • Store admins are able to modify an order's address and email details.
  • Optionally hide prices and disable the cart for anonymous user, allowing only registered users to see the prices and checkout.
  • Order Numbers can be prefixed with a code based on the user account which created the order
  • The Store Admin is able to moderate and edit order created with the offline payment provider
  • Optionally redirect to a custom page after user has added an item to the cart.
  • Setting to auto-create a user account on your DNN site if user checks out anonymously.
  • Optionally define minimum subtotal value before user can checkout.
  • Export new orders to the Amazon Message Queue SQS, allows integration into external systems to process placed orders.
  • Let customers request a quote for a large order, moderate and adjust the prices then allow the customer to pay for the order online using a credit card.
  • Optionally define customer managers that need to approve orders from sub accounts before the order can be placed within the store. Great for B2B sites that need basic order moderation for their corporate clients.
  • Ability to send order confirmation emails to multiple email addresses with your organisation.
  • Ability to restrict which states in the USA you will ship goods to.
  • Define how the DNN profile address maps to the billing address that is pre-populated for the customer during checkout.
  • Option to make the customer agree to the stores terms and conditions before reaching the checkout page.
  • Support for affiliate tracking.

Store Administration

  • Quick Install for Creating a New Store
  • Simple intuitive administration UI.
  • Optionally assign DotNetNuke roles to admin tasks as product management, order management etc.
  • Product moderator feature - create a new setting that allows the a DNN role to be entered users with this role can add products however they need to be moderated before appearing in the store front.
  • Add/Edit/Delete products and categories.
  • Manage product reviews.
  • View, search and sort orders.
  • Update order statuses, optionally email users.
  • Product inventory see instantly how many items are in stock.
  • Search for products by name, category or items that are low in stock.
  • Export orders to .CSV file format.
  • Export sales data to .XLS file format.
  • Google Sitemap support for getting the best possible SEO.
  • Ability to use custom SMTP settings per portal when sending the emails generated by Cart Viper.
  • The store admin can now search for all orders placed during a start and end date.
  • Newsletter subscribers management page to display a list of existing subscribers. Export the list to CSV.
  • Ability to add any unit of measure e.g. lb, IN, CM, MM.
  • Edit the store templates directly from the store admin module.
  • Allow the addresses within Cart Viper to be template / token driven so they can be changed to match the format of your country.
  • Abandoned cart email reminder - if a customer creates a cart but does not checkout we will automatically email them x hours after the cart was created prompting them to complete the purchase.
  • Integrate into MailChimp ecommerce 360.

Catalog Workflow and Version History

  • Define if that all changes to the store catalog requires moderation.
  • Ability to accept / decline changes, with email notifications.
  • Automatically remind admin if a change has not been moderated within a specified time frame.
  • Record version history of changes so you can select a previous version to revert back too.

QuickBooks Integration

Order PDF

  • Store admin or customer can download a PDF reciept of any order that has been placed.
  • Admin can define an image along with header and footer text to brand the PDF as per your needs.
  • Order displays the method of payment used by the customer.
  • Optionally able to display the Model Number or SKU for each line item in the order.
  • Batch printing of orders, select the date range and the order status then generate a PDF containing all the orders, print out and include with your package.

Sales Reporting

  • Cart Viper automatically calculates your sales data for the current day and at a glance allows you to see how that compares to yesterday and the average of the last 30 days.
  • View sales data by product or category for specific date you enter.
  • Export sales data to .XLS format.
  • Export order data to .CSV file format.
  • Plot last 30 days of sales data in graph format.
  • Search for orders by username, order status or order id.
  • Improved reporting for the store administrator, now displays abandoned cart report.

My Account Module

  • Separate my account module included.
  • Edit their account profile settings - billing / shipping address etc.
  • Users can view / search through their order history.
  • Securely download any digital downloads they may have purchased.
  • View the current order status and any message that have been set by admin.
  • Customer can search for their orders by order status or order ID

Product News Letter

  • Separate product newsletter module, allow users to sign up to your store product newsletter.
  • Product newsletter automatically sent with no human interaction.
  • Admin define send frequency and limits products to include in the newsletter.
  • Allow users to un-subscribe from product newsletter.
  • Product newsletter is templated HTML based so can be branded to suit your needs.

Product Widget Module

  • Separate product widget module that can be used to display products anywhere on your DNN portal.
  • Select products to display in product widget module by: random, top sellers, by category, individual selection, products currently on special offer and newly added.
  • Complete control over the HTML output so you have complete control of the layout of the product widget. 
  • Product widget has built in support for display the products using an AJAX product carousel.
  • Recently Viewed Products module.

RSS 2.0 Feeds

  • Optionally expose RSS 2.0 feeds based on the product data in your store.
  • 3 different RSS 2.0 feeds: top selling products, newly added products and featured products.

HTML Email Templates

  • All emails that the store sends are HTML based so you can customize then to suit your needs.
  • Fully HTML enabled so you can brand the emails as per your needs using CSS and images.

Define the Store Currency

  • The following currencies are supported by Cart Viper: United States Dollar (USD) , Great British Pound (GBP), Euro (EUR), Australian dollars (AUD), Canadian dollars (CAD), Mexican peso (MXN) Swiss francs (CHF), Singapore dollar (SGD), Thailand Baht (THB), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Phillipine Peso (PHP), Czech Koruna (CZK) and Mexican Peso (MXN).


  • Optionally allow customers to place donations.
  • Define predetermined amounts with the customer able to select or enter their own donation amount.
  • Allow the customer to enter a name associated with the donation.
  • Optionally assign a DNN role to the user when they make a donation.

Multi-language Support

  • We currently have the resource files translated into English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch. However Cart Viper can be translated into any language you require!

Multiple Portals Supported

  • Cart Viper can be installed on multiple parent and child portals. Each portal would need to have its own license.

Advanced Templating

  • Razor Template Support
  • Responsive store template, create a great store experience for desktop, tablet and mobile users
  • Data and presentation kept separate allowing you to create your own templates without any programming knowledge.
  • Content can be dynamically inserted into the Cart Viper page via tokens placed in .htm template files.
  • All styles set via CSS.
  • Use different templates for each store on your portal.
  • Ability to change the captions used within the store for links and labels.
  • Support for embedding skin objects in the templates for the store.
  • The product tabs and related products output is now controlled using a token, so you are free to place this controls anyway you like within the template.
  • The template system used to style the store now allows you to import an existing DNN module into the template.
  • Define product facets which allows customers to filter products based on the product facets, size, colour, type, manufacturer etc.
  • When search by keywords the products can be filter to a given manufacturer or category using the keyword facet search.

Google Analytic eCommerce & Event Tracking

  • Full eCommerce & event tracking support integration into Google analytics.
  • Track 25 different events inside your store.
  • Provides detailed statistical analysis how customers are users your store.
  • Quickly and easily find customer trend and shopping habits!

DotNetNuke Versions Supported

  • Cart Viper requires version 5.x, 6.x, or 7.x of DotNetNuke.
  • Works in both Full Trust and Medium Trust environments.
  • Fully supported on Azure platform.

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