Localization Add-On License

Create products and categories in each language of your website to create a truly global store. Each visitor to the store will then be shown the product catalog in their preferred language.

The Localization license greatly enhances Cart Viper to become a multi language ecommerce solution for the DNN Platform. Each language for the website can have its own catalog defining localized versions of the products and categories.

Customers to the store are then automatically shown the correct language catalog. Allowing them to start shopping in their native language without any intervention from the customer.

  • Display specific products, categories and product images for each language supported.
  • Unlimited number of languages supported with a single license.
  • Central administrator to manage all the products and customer orders regardless of language.
  • Create unique products for a given language.
  • Build in support for localizing all the static captions used within the store.

Purchase a Localization License